Plastic Products Plastic Painting Line

Up to now, juhao automation has provided such spindle automatic spray painting line for thousands of enterprises, and we are at the forefront of the industry without any surprise. Automatic assembly line operation of electrostatic dust removal, spraying and drying is suitable for continuous batch production with high output and even coating.Completely closed unmanned spraying operation;The conveyor chain and the track contact point are equipped with bearings to match the precise track, so that the running is light, smooth and stable without shaking.Flexibility and excellent results.Spingdle automatic spray paint line is specially designed for the surface coating of plastic shell, its functions include ground rail, automatic transmission, fixed spray paint, automatic spray painting, automatic drying and integrated system, and combined with the dust free workshop, spraying constant temperature control, secondary exhaust gas treatment system, etc., with the UV paint paper automatic spray production process

Advantages and features of splindle spraying line:

1. The underground rail type product type conveyor chain is adopted for conveying, and the linear speed is 0--6m/min through frequency conversion control;

2. Remove static electricity and dust from the surface of the product through manual ion air gun and automatic ion fan;

3. Equipped with preheating dehumidification device before spraying, effectively remove watermarks or handprints on the product surface;

4. Adopt three-side water-curtain type oil injection cabinet, equipped with a 10HP centrifugal exhaust fan to discharge waste gas;

5. The spraying area is equipped with product autobiography device, which enables the product to rotate at high speed during spraying;

6. The spray gun adopts a fixed form to spray the product, and each spray gun is responsible for a part of the surface of the product;

7. The tunnel furnace adopts far infrared ray heating tube, with the power of 60kw and the temperature of room temperature -100 ℃;

8. Exhaust gas is treated by spraying and activated carbon filtration





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