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Congratulations to Vietnam Broad Telecommunication Co., Ltd Factory for ordering automatic spraying equipment.

Congratulations to Vietnam Broad Telecommunication Co., Ltd Factory  for ordering automatic spraying equipment.Why do you say that you are in love with the giant Hao automatic spraying production line? Because, the giant Hao automatic spraying production line is exported to Vietnam, and is very popular among customers.




Juhao Automated Coating Production Line can play the role of energy saving and environmental protection, improving production efficiency, saving cost, reducing labor and simple operation. Although there are many similar products on the market, of course, you can't say that the best is the best, but the quality is really good. It is our responsibility to manufacture the giant super automatic spraying production line that is made with heart and let the customers feel at ease.

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Equipment shipment

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Here, first of all, I sincerely thank the customer for their support and recognition! In the future business, we will, as always, wholeheartedly provide first-class products and first-class services for new and old customers. See troubleshooting, routine maintenance, etc., return visits to customers on a regular basis, and repair the customer equipment for free every six months.


Contact: de zhi xie

Phone: +86-138 2651 4079


Add: Building 37, NO.2 industrial park, shapu wai, songgang town, shenzhen city, guangdong province, China

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